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Große Auswahl an Crochet Tutu Tops. Super Angebote für Crochet Tutu Tops hier im Preisvergleich Single crochet (US) 1.. Create your foundation chain - the length of your foundation chain depends on your pattern and what you wish to make. 2.. Locate the second stitch from your hook. Now, insert your crochet hook into the middle of this stitch. 3.. Wrap your yarn around your crochet hook. 4...

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  1. What is a Single Crochet? A single crochet (abbreviated as SC) is a simple crochet stitch that involves only a two step process of pulling through. It's the simplest of all stitches (I suppose second to a slip stitch), and is equal in height to one double crochet
  2. The single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) is the simplest of all the crochet stitches. All other stitches are based on this one small stitch! This post will show you how to crochet the single crochet stitch (US) / double crochet stitch (UK); as well as how to count stitches and rows, how to fasten off your work, and how to sew in the ends
  3. The single crochet is the simplest crochet stitch, and it is a good building block for learning the half-double crochet and double crochet stitches. If you've already mastered the chain, you're ready to move on to single crochet. This shows an American single crochet. In the U.K., this is called a double crochet
  4. Single Crochet Stitch Abbreviation in US Patterns: sc. UK Equivalent Stitch: double crochet (dc) A single crochet stitch is the shortest of the basic crochet stitches and is always accompanied by a single chain stitch at the end or beginning of a row to bring the work up to the height for a row of single crochet stitches. A single crochet stitch creates a tight fabric which is ideal for belts.
  5. We insert the hook in the crochet piece and crochet the first stitch. We have two stitches on the hook and crochet them together, pulling on the thread of both at once. Now we have a single crochet stitch. This requires two moves, which makes the single crochet stitch different from the slip stitch
  6. A majority of crochet patterns and projects incorporate single crochet stitches. Single crochet (referred to as double crochet in British crochet patterns) is one of the easiest stitches to master. Once you've learned the single crochet stitch, there are infinite possible ways to use it
  7. US- Abkürzung US- Bedeutung dt. Abkürzung dt. Übersetzung UK- Abkürzung UK- Bedeutung; bldc: back loop double crochet: Stb in hMgl: Stäbchen in hinteres Maschenglied: bltc : back loop treble crochet: blhdc: back loop half double crochet: hStb in hMgl: halbes Stäbchen in hinteres Maschenglied: blhtc: back loop half treble crochet: blsc: back loop single crochet: FM in hMgl: feste Masche.

For example, a double crochet in British English is made the same way as a single crochet in American English; it is just called by two different names even though it's the same stitch. This can be especially confusing since there is, of course, a double crochet stitch in American English, too (which is called the treble in British English) For example, a single crochet in American English terms means a double crochet in British English Terms. This is where it gets confusing because some US & UK terms have the same stitch name but mean different stitches. You will find that in crochet pattern books this is common to find Learn how to single crochet (US term) or double crochet (UK term) with Planet Purl's how-to video, taught by Beth Moriarty, author of Deep South Knitting Learn how to crochet a Single Crochet with this easy to follow video tutorial! The single crochet in the most basic crochet stitch for making any project -..

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Once you've learned the single crochet stitch, the chain stitch, and the slip stitch, you are ready to start crocheting some projects. These simple stitches are all that you need to make almost anything! Here are 20 free crochet patterns that use only these stitches Single crochet is the shortest and most basic of all stitches. Remember, you will never work in the first chain from the crochet hook, unless the pattern you are working specifically directs you to do so. WORKING ROW 1: How to Single Crochet Row 1 We will now begin working Row 1 of single crochet

The main difference between the two systems is the starting point, the so-called single crochet stitch in US terms. The two systems are basically an offset of one another. What is called a single crochet in US terms, is called a double crochet in UK terms. Similarly, what is called a double crochet in US terms, is a treble crochet in UK terms. And so on and so forth. And now you might start to. Below, basic crochet stitches with both UK and US names, abbreviations, symbols, hight and turning stitches required. UK chain (ch) = US chain (ch) UK slip stitch / single crochet (ss / sl st / sc) = US slip stitch (ss / sl st) UK double crochet (dc) = US single crochet (sc However, if you are working in US terms, a single crochet is a much shorter stitch, and a double crochet is worked starting with a yarn over and has more steps and is much taller. What is the abbreviation for single crochet? This one is super easy! The abbreviation for single crochet is simply sc. What is the crochet chart symbol for single crochet? This stitch can actually have two charts. It. Hi all,Here is a tutorial showing how to work from your foundation chain (any stitches can be done in this way) It also shows you how to double crochet (UK t.. How to convert US to UK crochet terms (or convert UK to US crochet terms) with this useful conversion crochet terms chart. Simply refer to the chart, find the US or UK equivalent and easily translate the crochet pattern into US or UK terminology. All PDF Crochet Patterns are 15% Off! Visit Shop. Helping You Make The Perfect Crochet Gift. Pinterest. Facebook-f. Instagram. Search. Close $ 0.00.

In lesson 2 I show you how to work the single crochet as it is known in US terminology. In UK terminology this is known as the double crochet, so check your. Crochet is an easy craft to learn. You only need to know a few stitches to be able to begin making a wide variety of projects. In this guide, you'll learn about the six most common beginner crochet stitches with tutorials, videos, helpful tips, and a few project ideas, too.. Within a short time, you'll know how to make a crochet chain and a slip stitch so you can start easy projects Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit single crochet - Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen Learning how to sc2tog is one of the basics of crochet to be learned early on in the craft. Single crochet is a foundational crochet stitch; stitching two together creates a decrease that aids in shaping and allows you to change your work from rectangles into other more advanced project shapes.. Decreasing in Single Crochet . When you see the instructions to decrease in single crochet and.

In this DROPS video we show how crochet a single crochet (sc in US term) also known as a double crochet (dc in UK term) in the round. When you are crocheting sc's/dc's in the round you begin each round with 1 ch that replaces the first sc/dc on this next round. To mark the beginning it is a good idea to use a scrap yarn to mark the 1st stitch on the round. Finish each round with 1 sl st in the. Single crochet (US) decrease 1.. This how-to will show you how to decrease in single crochet. Insert your crochet hook into the next stitch. 2.. Wrap the yarn around the hook and pull it through the stitch. There are now two loops on your hook. 3.. Insert your crochet hook into the next stitch..

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single crochet sc vaste v slip stitch sl st halve vaste hv triple crochet tr/trc dubbel stokje dst De vertaling van Nederlandse haaksteken en afkortingen naar Amerikaanse (in alfabetische volgorde). Nederlands / Dutch Amerikaans Engels / US English Haakterm Afkorting Crochet term Abbreviation dubbel stokje dst triple crochet tr/tr Pin Loom » Crochet border with single crochets (US) - 2 per corner. Ending The schemas. The ending at corner A is a bit different than with the other corners, because you have a sideloop around the top 2 nails. In the next picture you have come at corner A. In the drawing this is the loop around nails 9 and 10. On my loom that's nail 23. I already did a single crochet in the corner loop. Jul 10, 2019 - Hi , In this video I am sharing with you one more Basic Stitch of Crochet - Single Crochet stitch. I hope you like this video, I also have other videos for c..

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Oct 4, 2019 - The single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) stitch is the simplest of all the crochet stitches. This post will show you how to crochet this stitch Single crochet, double crochet, half double crochet etc. Buy the pom-pom maker that's mentioned in the guide to get the most beautiful perfect pom-poms! 26. How to Crochet Hamster Hat . Hamsters are just the cutest animals and look super cute in baby products. A hamster hat pattern is a great plan that you can work up for any toddler in your life. It's really important to use the color. If it uses the terms single crochet or half-double crochet, it is a US pattern. Take a look at the picture for clues. Read the pattern all the way through; the designer might say which it is. Look for words the two countries spell differently, such as color (US) and color UK) If you're looking for a textured crochet stitch, that's easy to learn, the Extra Extended Single Crochet Stitch is perfect for you! It's almost the same as a extended single crochet, however it has one extra step, that creates the most beautiful texture. It looks beautiful worked both in the round and in rows

Single Crochet Stitch Patterns. This is our archive of free crochet patterns that use the single crochet stitch, or sc for short. If you are new to this beginner's stitch, you can view our tutorial on that here.We also have plenty of patterns that feature a similar stitch called the double crochet stitch Content, US terms: Work a single crochet into a stitch one or two rows below. IMG_1908. IMG_1909. IMG_1912. IMG_1910. IMG_1911. IMG_1913. IMG_0524. IMG_0525. IMG_0526. Ravelry Store: Johanna Lindahl Designs Blogg: mijocrochet.se | Facebook: Mijo Crochet | Instagram: @mijocrochet Mijo Crochet 2018. 13 . Standing single crochet . Insert your hook in the specified stitch, yarn over and pull. The Single Herringbone Stitch featured in week 41 of the 50 Stitches crochet along. This pattern is written in US terms, but the UK translation is below. UK Translation. Single crochet (sc) = double crochet . Herringbone single crochet (hsc) = herringbone double crochet. The Herringbone Pattern. You can use any number of stitches for the Herringbone, so start with a chain of your desired.

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A US single crochet (UK double crochet) has only one yarnover after inserting it into the stitch but has two loops on the hook after pulling up a loop (hence, double in UK crochet terms). Crochet terms conversion chart. US terms US Abbreviation. UK terms UK abbreviation. chain: ch: chain: ch: slip stitch: ss: slip stitch: ss: single crochet: sc: double crochet: dc: half double crochet: hdc. US. Single Crochet (sc) Half double crochet (hdc) Double crochet (dc) UK. Double crochet (dc) Half treble (htr) Treble (tr) Special Stitch for this Pattern. The Sedge Stitch. Here are the written instructions for how to do the Sedge Stitch. This stitch uses multiples of 3. Row 1: HDC into the 2nd ch from the hook, make a DC into the same ch. skip two chains and in the next ch make a SC, HDC.

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Single Crochet, Foz do Iguaçu. 77 likes · 1 talking about this. Faço amigurumis, venha conferir Among Us SC (Single Crochet) Throw Blanket Graphghan Crochet Pattern - PDF Download All of our graph patterns include a full size color with symbols graph, written instructions (line by line), and color block The single crochet is not only the easiest stitch for beginners to master; it's also the most essential! The single crochet is the foundation for the other stitches crocheters use. Once you master the single crochet stitch, making a double, or triple crochet is as easy as adding a yarn over Read Single Crochet Us reviews and Single Crochet Us ratings - Buy Single Crochet Us with confidence on AliExpress

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  1. Double crochet is a taller stitch than single crochet. It is formed by a yarn over, which is wrapping yarn from back to front before placing the hook in the stitch. Holding foundation chain in desired position, yarn over and inset hook into the 4th chain from the hook. Yarn over and pull through chain. You should have 3 loops on hook
  2. um, Crochet Hook, 6 Inch, Single Hook, Sizes D through N, Diana, Wrights, DiVintageBlessings. 5 out of 5 stars (2,783) $ 3.00. Favorite Add to Single Large Crochet Needles, 12 mm Individual Crochet Hooks, US 17 Size, US O Crochet Hook, Huge Bamboo Crochet Hooks AcornsAndTwigs. 5 out.
  3. Check out our single crochet scarf selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our scarves shops

Jun 30, 2019 - The single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) stitch is the simplest of all the crochet stitches. This post will show you how to crochet this stitch May 31, 2019 - The single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) stitch is the simplest of all the crochet stitches. This post will show you how to crochet this stitch The foundation single crochet stitch (FSC) is a total game changer. Gone are the days of creating long chains and then going back and working into the chain before you start the first row — with FSC, you cut straight to the chase, working the chain and your first row of single crochets in one step Oct 16, 2017 - US terms stitches used magic ring chain single crochet double crochet not my design just a block I picked up along the way!. Step 8: Make one single crochet stitch in first stitch and in each remaining stitch of the previous row. Be sure to work into the last stitch. Chain 1, turn. Repeat Step 8 until the block measures 9 long. Finishing: Cut the yarn from the skein, leaving a 6 end. Draw the hook straight up, bringing the yarn through the remaining loop on the hook. Thread yarn into yarn needle and weave back and.

US: Description: Double Crochet 2 Increase 2dc: Single Crochet 2 Increase 2dc (Insert hook in stitch, yoh and pull a loop through so that you have 2 loops on the hook. Yoh and pull through the 2 loops on the hook) twice. Double Crochet 3 Increase 3dc: Single Crochet 3 Increase 3dc (Insert hook in stitch, yoh and pull a loop through so that you have 2 loops on the hook. Yoh and pull through the. Join your Crewmates and figure out who Among Us are SUS! Did I get that right?? Either way all of my Nephews and Nieces are completely stoked that they're getting these plushies in the mail! Work these up in different colours and swap which side they wear their backpacks - so they can talk to each other of course! Have fun with these and gift them to all the lil crewmates in your life Posted on 17th Oct 2020 31st Oct 2020 Posted in Amigurumi, Amigurumi, Free Crochet Pattern Tagged Among Us, Crochet, Crochet Pattern, Ghost Post navigation Crochet Among Us Dead Body Amigurum Define single crochet. single crochet synonyms, single crochet pronunciation, single crochet translation, English dictionary definition of single crochet. Noun 1. single crochet - a crochet stitch single stitch crochet stitch - any one of a number of stitches made by pulling a loop of yarn through another loop... Single crochet - definition of single crochet by The Free Dictionary. https://www. Apr 26, 2019 - 38 kreative Ideen für die Wiederverwendung von alten Weinfässern - Dekoration ideen 38 kreative Ideen für die Wiederverwendung von alten Weinfässern #alten #ideen #kreative #weinfassern #wiederverwendun

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Aug 31, 2019 - The single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) stitch is the simplest of all the crochet stitches. This post will show you how to crochet this stitch Crochet Stitch More information 40 kostenlose Häkelstiche von Daisy Farm Crafts Salvabrani gestrickt ideen 40 kostenlose Häkelstiche von Daisy Farm Crafts Salvabrani #crafts #daisy #hakelstiche #kostenlose #salvabrani So dekorieren Sie Ihr Zuhause Effektiv mit Tapeten Auf dem Weg nach draußen befinden sich einzelne tapezierte Wände Riesen-Auswahl und aktuelle Trends. Kostenlose Lieferung möglic Known as a 'Single Crochet' (US/Can) or a 'Double Crochet' (UK/Aus), this is one stitch you'll need to know for crocheting. As always, it's important to know if the pattern you're using is US or UK terminology, as this one stitch is known by two different names, and to confuse things further, there is also a 'Double Crochet' in US crochet terminology that is different again.

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  1. Creating a Chain: Now we're going to create a chain for us to work our single crochet stitches into. This can be any length that you wish but for today's tutorial, I want to have 10 stitches so I am going to create 11 chains. That 11 th chain is referred to as a turning chain. To create our chain, wrap the yarn over the top of your hook and pull the yarn through your slip knot. This.
  2. Written in standard US terms. show the number of total number of stitches that should be at the end of each row. The Written Tutorial. To Begin: To begin chain 15 for your practice swatch. Row 1: In the second chain from the hook single crochet, single crochet into each chain across, turn your work. (14) Row 2: Chain 1, next you will single crochet in the bl of the first single crochet stitch.
  3. Simply Crochet. DOUBLE CROCHET (dc) US term: single crochet One of the key stitches in crochet, doubles are simple, compact stitches that form a dense fabric 2021-03-18 - 1 To make a double crochet stitch, insert the hook under the top 2 loops of the next stitch on the previous row. 2 Wind the yarn around the hook (yrh)
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I don't know anything about this online game. I saw people making these characters, I was wondering what are these things with no arms? They look kind of weird for me. Then one day, my nephew sent me the pictures of Among Us crewmates and asked me to make one for him. He said this game is going crazy now. So I searched online. Yes, this game is very popular. The pattern is pretty easy. Body. Tunisian single crochet: tss: Tunisian simple stitch: tslst: Tunisian slip stitch: ttr: Tunisian treble crochet: ttw: Tunisian twisted: Return to top. Abbreviation & Term Differences between the U.S., United Kingdom (U.K.) and Canada. U.S./Canada U.K. slip stitch (sl st) slip stitch (ss) single crochet (sc) double crochet (dc) half double crochet (hdc) half treble (htr) double crochet (dc.

Crochet. You're going to love this crochet corner of LoveCrafts! Get hooked on amazing crochet supplies, fantastic yarns in every color and patterns you'll love to make. For free crochet patterns, you're in the right place!Cute free toy crochet patterns, gorgeous garments to dress head to toe in your crochet makes.From crochet hats to sweaters and cardigan patterns all in one home Jan 13, 2019 - In this crochet instructions video, you will learn how to work a Single Crochet (USA - confusingly it's also called a Double Crochet in the UK!). This is a r.. Single Crochet (US) as Decorative Edging. In collaboration with & Other Stories, learn how to work in single crochet as a decorative edging. OTHER HOW TOs. Long tail Cast on. Moss / Seed stitch. Facts & handy tips. In collaboration with & Other Stories, we will be showing you how to work in single crochet as a decorative edging. We use this in our Say Wool Be There Bandana. Featured in this. Mosaic crochet is a way to work with colours while crocheting to bring out a pattern in your work. It is crocheted over two rows, meaning that you work with one colour for two rows and then change to the second colour for two rows. The stitches you need to know to make mosaic crochet are (in US terminology) single crochet, double crochet over 2 rows (also known as long double crochet) and chains

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Abbreviations (US terms) ch: chain; sc: single crochet; prev: previous; rep * *: repeat from * to * st: stitch; Notes. The size of my coaster is 8.0 x 8.0 cm. You will be working in rows. This pattern uses the single crochet mesh stitch. Photo instructions below show the main steps how to make this stitch. It consists of chains and single crochets. Please note that you should make single. Oct 28, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Kelsey Nachtigal. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

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Foundation single crochet (FSC) is a stitch that combines the chain row and the first single crochet row. Using FSC instead of separate rows of chain and single crochet can simplify the beginning of a crochet project. The stitch is also easy to learn. You will start the stitch using basic crochet techniques then work the rest of the row using a different sequence. Try using FSC to start your. Pattern is written in US terminology. Back Loop Only - BLO Begin(ning) - beg Chain - ch Fasten Off - FO Front Loop Only - FLO Place Marker - PM Repeat- rep Right Side - RS Single Crochet - sc Single Crochet 2 Together - sc2tog Skip - sk Slip Stitch - sl st Stitch Marker - SM Stitch(es) - st(s) Gauge: Gauge is made using the suggested hook size and double strands held.

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The single crochet two together (sc2tog) technique is a great skill to add to your crocheting arsenal. This basic crochet decrease stitch allows you to eliminate stitches from your pattern so that you can create unique shapes. For example, if you want to create a tapered top on a hat, you can use the sc2tog method to create a neat top portion 6 stitches × 6 rows of Single Crochets in 1″ Pattern. Work in continuous rounds. Bone. Round Stitches Count Color; 1: Begin with 7 SC in MR: 7: 2~3: SC in each stitch: 7: 4: Make another from R1~3. DEC in the next stitch AND 1st stitch of the first piece. 5 SC on first piece. DEC in last stitch AND next available stitch of second piece. 5 SC. 12: 5 *SC, DEC* × 4: 8: 6~8: SC in each stitch. It is a taller stitch than single crochet. Remember, you will never work in the first chain from the crochet hook unless the crochet pattern you are working specifically directs you to do so. Be sure to go through the center of the V of the chain and under the bar at the back; do not twist the chain. We will now begin working Row 1 of double crochet. WORKING ROW 1: How to Double Crochet in Row.

We prefer the Single Crochet Join, however, it's always bothered us that it lays to one side. We've come up with an alternative that allows the join to remain upright. Watch the video below for a tutorial showing our how we use the Single Crochet Join. While you're there, subscribe to our YouTube channel to view all our How-To videos! Happy Crocheting! Share this: Filed Under: How-To. Abbreviations (US Terms) BLO - Back Loop Only Ch - Chain FSC - Foundation Single Crochet Hdc - Half Double Crochet RS - Right Side Sc - Single Crochet Sl St - Slip Stitch St - Stitch WS - Wrong Side Yo - Yarn Over. Special Stitches. Back Loop Only Stitches Learn how to crochet Back Loop Only (BLO) stitches in this blog post, and read further down for a special note about.

Aug 9, 2020 - ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS CROCHET | UK DOUBLE/US SINGLE CROCHET | In this episode you will learn; How to do a UK Double/ US single crochet, How to work in rows, How.. One single crochet made. Insert hook into next stitch; repeat from * in step 1. SHARE Pinterest Facebook. Categories. Basics. Tags. Crochet . Stay in the loop and be inspired! Get great tips, deals, and inspiration just for you, plus, sign-up today and SAVE 15% on your next purchase! SIGN-UP. You can unsubscribe from this publication at any time by clicking unsubscribe in any of the emails.

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HanJan Crochet. 6,791 likes · 143 talking about this. Creative crochet with a twist. Designs that blend tradition with fresh, fun ideas. Find HanJan patterns at www.hanjancrochet.co Jul 6, 2019 - The single crochet (US) / double crochet (UK) stitch is the simplest of all the crochet stitches. This post will show you how to crochet this stitch

The single crochet stitch is the most basic crochet stitch, and is also the stitch used throughout most amigurumi - crochet softies. All other stitches are based on this one, so let's work on your foundation! Step-by-step photos 1. Insert the hook under both loops of the next stitch. 2. Yarn over, and pull throug UK Double Crochet/US Single Crochet written instructions. Insert your hook into the chain or stitch, yarn over and pull through (you will have two loops on the hook) yarn over and pull the yarn through both loops on the hook. Take a look at the videos below for the demonstration. Please make sure you are using the correct video i.e left or right handed. Episode Three. In this episode you will. Following stitches you should know: ( US terms) ch - chain sc - single crochet sl st - slip stitch dc - double crochet fpdc - front post double crochet. Halata Shawl - Halata is Finnish and means: hug Triangle shawl The pattern is written and includes a chart. You need : 1000m / 4 ply yarn Hook: 4,5 mm. Shawl size after blocking: 2 m x 84 cm . Following stitches you should know: ( US terms) ch. So the American single crochet is the UK double crochet. And the US double crochet is the UK treble crochet. Here's a helpful chart to keep you crocheting away! Primary Sidebar. Let's Connect! Hi! I'm Cheryl. Welcome! I share crochet patterns, tutorials and other bits of crochet goodness to delight your creative soul! Read more about me here! Popular Posts. Footer ~ Pattern Shop ~ Search. A magical unicorn graph for a single/twin bed. This sweet graph would make up into an excellent present for those of all ages. Graph is suitable to be done in single crochet, Tunisian crochet or half double crochet. Written instructions suit single or half double crochet, but Tunisian instructions c..

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Abbreviations (US Terms) ST(s) - Stitch(es) SL ST - Slip Stitch CH - Chain SC - Single Crochet PSC - Picot Single Crochet RS - Right Side WS - Wrong Side. Pattern. CH 30. Row 1: SC in 2 nd CH from the hook, SC in each CH across. (29) Row 2: CH 1 & turn. SC in 1 st ST, *PSC in next ST, SC in next* (29) Row 2 : Wrong Side View ; Row 2 : Right Side View; Row 3: CH 1 & turn. SC in. Easter Bunny Among Us Crochet Pattern. Materials: White worsted (4) weight yarn; Orange worsted (4) weight yarn; Light Green worsted (4) weight yarn ; Light Pink worsted (4) weight yarn; Black worsted (4) weight yarn; Light Blue worsted (4) weight yarn; A small amount of white yarn; 3.50 mm crochet hook; Yarn needle; Stuffing; Crochet terms needed: Sc = single crochet, sc2tog = single crochet. Keep repeating steps 4-8 to grow your foundation single crochet row. FSC — Right Side vs the Wrong Side. Learning how to recognize the right side of your foundation row is important especially for projects that are worked in the round. It is very easy to distinguish the right and wrong sides. Just take a look at the picture below! Practice, Practice, Practice! The FSC might seem a difficult. The single crochet foundation chain eliminates the need to chain and then work into said chain. Instead, it give you the chain and the first row of single crochets are done in one row! Needless to say, it is AWESOME! So to help you with this awesome technique, I made a video that shows you exactly how to crochet the single crochet foundation. Foundation single crochet is a method of working the foundation chain while also adding single crochet stitches to the first row of your project at the same time. It creates a nice elasticity to the starting edge of the crochet fabric, making it a great technique to use if you find that your starting chain and first row of crochet stitches are a little too tight. In this video, Mary Beth.

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Single Crochet Granny Square. Pattern No 5 of the collection of Basic Crochet Shapes. This pattern can be used for so many different things. Afghans, pillows, decorations, wallhangings, etc Depending on the weight of the yarn you choose will determine the size of your finished square. See als How to Single Crochet Decrease, sc dec (refer to image 2) Step 1: Beginning just like a single crochet, put the hook into the first stitch, like shown. Step 2: Pull a loop of yarn through the hole, like shown (2 loops remain on hook). Step 3: Put hook into next stitch, like shown. Step 4: Pull a loop of yarn through the hole, like shown (3 loops remain on hook). Step 5: Pull a loop of yarn. Oct 1, 2019 - Häkeln Source by taiyohonda|81177390156369049 sc single crochet hdc half double crochet dc double crochet 2dccl 2 double crochet cluster 3dccl 3 double crochet cluster fp front post bp back post lbv loop behind v. S RS 3 Iris Cowl by Shelley Husband ©2021 Shelley Husband. This pattern is for personal use only. Do not copy, share or sell this pattern in any way. You can sell your finished items, but please include a link or reference to.

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